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VERISIS A.S. is a 27 years old company mainly focused on developing  solutions based on Forensic  Laboratories.

CLIMS -  Forensic Laboratories Information Management System is a complete case management platform to provide chain of custody 

together with DNA and Narcotic Bank/Matching features. 


  •  Easy to install, easy to use, easy to maintain,
  •  Ready to use for forensic laboratories. Developed specifically as "Forensic LIMS" solution,
  •  Ready LIMS solution for Digital Forensics, Ballistics, Fingerprint, DNA, Chemistry, Q. Doc. and all other Labs
  •  Case and laboratory processes Workflow Management,
  •  ISO 17025, ENFSI and ASCLD compliant,
  •  Built-in DNA Banking, matching and contamination warning (National DNA Bank),
  •  Built-in Narcotic Profiling, banking and matching (National Narcotics Bank),
  •  Built-in Crime Scene Management Module (Headquarter / Mobile Crime Scene),
  •  Built-in Document, Fixed Asset, Maintenance and Consumables Management modules,
  •  Built-in Mailing and Calendaring subsystem,
  •  Easy and flexible Kinship & Paternity Analysis,
  •  Various data banks of evidences ( Engine, Banknote, Weapon, Passport serial no’s etc.) with real time matching,
  •  Integration with laboratory equipment and other software.


Module Based Solution suitable for various sized laboratories.


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